Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd has become a quality residential roofing contractor in the corridor due to our careful and detailed work on single family homes. Whether it be for the long time homeowner or a residential developer, we have earned trust and respect through our work on these homes.

The residential re-roofing process can feel overwhelming when research first begins. Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd is happy to provide roof quotations and consultations that explain the steps clearly. We take being a
professional contractor seriously. The safety of our clients and staff is paramount.


Products and Pricing

There are a wide range of materials available to suit every roof and need. Whether a budget or premium installation is desired, Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd will recommend the best possible product at a competitive price point.



Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd has full WCB coverage and provides clearance letters prior to every job commencement. Homeowners can be held liable for non-covered contractors and associated costs arising from accidents that occur during the re-roofing process. All our staff are trained in fall protection and certified in the use of harnesses and safety lines.



Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd carries a comprehensive $5,000,000 General Liability Policy and furnishes a copy with every quotation.


Reference List

This crucial piece of information allows you to research and determine the quality of contractor you will have a relationship with during the roofing process. Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd provides an in-depth reference and contact list with every quote, and is proud to stand behind our past work.



We treat the properties of our clients’ homes with care. We ground tarp critical areas, clean-up daily, and use magnetic brooms to remove hazards. This effort reduces disruption to our clients’ lifestyle and minimizes the intrusiveness of the daily work.

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