The range and complexity of commercial roof tender packages is increasing year after year. Buildings are containing varied and detailed roof systems and assemblies to account for new energy and environmental requirements. Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd is proud of its ability to communicate with developers, general contractors, site superintendents and inspection firms in order to properly execute roof system descriptions. Our efficient and flexible attitude allows for correct, detailed installation of commercial roof systems while co-ordinating with other trades on large job sites.

Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd is experienced with flat and sloped insulation packages (EPS and polyiso) as well as the multitude of products associated with SBS modified bitumen assemblies (‘torch-on’). We are happy to provide detailed project costing and quality assurance options for your commercial roofing requirements.

Strata Councils & Property Managers:

We are happy to provide multi-unit inspections and no cost, detailed quotations for your properties. All quotations include material, labour & disposal pricing, along with WCB clearances, our Insurance policy and a full Reference List.

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