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Garibaldi Roofing Co. Ltd. was began operations in 2007 and is based in Squamish. With evolving products in the roofing industry, we are regularly updating our knowledge at the R.C.A.B.C. (Roofing Contractors Association of B.C.) and through manufacturers’ training. Whether it is new roof, re-roof, cedar conversion or repair, we have the right roof system at the right price. Our common roof systems are:


Asphalt shingle

New roof, re-roof and renovations.


Cedar Conversion

Cedar shakes removed, asphalt shingles installed.


Metal Roof

Hidden fastener and exposed fastener.



Traditional cedar & new composite options.


Flat Roofs

SBS Modified Bitumen (“torch-on”) with Soprema certified PAQ+S installers.

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